Kavenz VHP16 | VHP18


Q: I want to mount a 180 fork. How much flatter does this make the seat angle?
A: Approx: 0.35 ° in SAG position.

Q: I ride the Sram Eagle. With the high pivot construction, everything is a little different. Can I ride the normal Eagle chainring?
A: No, they wear out so quickly because of the strange tooth profile. We recommend round chainrings from aB

Q: Which options are you going to offer?
A: We will offer build kits including Shocks, Forks, Dropper Seatpost, Cockpit, and Accessories.

Q: Why not going for a 34.9mm Seatpost?
A: Most seat posts available did not make use of the benefits of the bigger diameter and got heavier. Also, many people would switch the frame and keep some components like the dropper post. However, we are thinking to integrate the Eightpins a bit further down the road, eventually becomes available in 2021.

Q: Will you do longer chainstays for taller riders?
A: We believe in short chainstays and have no personal intention to offer longer Chain Stays. However, if the market demands such we will consider delivering with the next batch. Technically it´s easy to do it was just not important to us.

Q: Will you be shipping internationally?
A: Yes, at the moment we are not aware of any country restrictions.

Q: Can I use normal chains?
A: Yes you can, 34T Chainring requires 120 links and a 32T Chainring requires 118 links in combination with a 10-50 cassette.

Q: How do you get the 49mm chainline option? Is it by offsetting the pulley?
A: We use two types of washers to offer both chain line options.

Q: Do you provide attachment points for a small tool bag?

A: We thought to implement the 76 Bag, but it did not look very clean, so at this point, there is nothing planned yet, and we would recommend using our 77designz Straps.

Q: How does the Kavenz VHP16/18 compare to the Nomad 4?
A: The Kavenz is similar when it comes to Anti Squat and Anti Rise, which means it accelerates as good and stays as balanced if you hit the rear brake. The Kavenz VHP16/18 offers is a steeper Seattube Angle where especially tall riders benefit from resulting in a more efficient pedaling position. Where we outperform the Nomad is in Downhill, because of the Rearward Axle Path and less Pedal Kickback which means you will keep the momentum with less effort when it gets rowdy and that makes you faster.

Q: You mentioned a min. Rear disc of 185mm. It is quite unusual… 180mm was not possible?
A: Yes, it´s rare, but 180 disc is nearly impossible also the 185 Rotor does not allow for all kinds of Rear Brakes, we recommend 203mm with our own Adapter. 29er wheels generate quite some torque and the bike is designed for high speed.Those are the PM Adapter we recommend if you don’t want to use ours:-203mm: Shimano SM-MA-R2003P/S
-185mm: Sram Avid 185R IS/PM

Q: Why is the seat tube not steeper like on other bikes?
A: The Kavenz VHP16 features a 77.5° seat tube angle and does not require a steeper one as the geometry is conserved by the extreme high Anti-Squat.

Q: Is the pedal kickback always the same no matter which chainring size I use?
A: The pedal kickback and the Anti Squat are completely independent of the chainring size so it does not matter if you run a 26T or 36T the kinematics always remains the same.

Q: Can I use Oval Chainrings?
A: Technically yes but it would be almost impossible to find some that offer the correct timing. As the chain is routed differently you can not use any standard chainrings the only option are Race Face chainrings mounted with a different rotation. However, we figured that they create some kind of drag so we do not recommend to use them.

Q: Which Fox Tune do I need?
A: 2022 DHX2 F-S Cr 2pos-Adj Trunnion Kavenz VHP V5 205-65 ECC010 ECR010 Rezi CM Orange Logo or
2022 FLOAT X2 F-S K 2pos-Adj Trunnion Kavenz VHP V5 205-65 0.3 Spacer x1 CL002 ECR010 Rezi CM Orange Neutral Logo or
2023 FLOAT X F-S K 2pos-Adj Trunnion Evol LV Kavenz VHP V5 205 60 0.4 Spacer CL RM Rezi LMB2 Orange Neutral Logo Kit

Q: I am considering your frame with a OneUp 210 dropper and would like to have it fully slammed in (its 297mm length but including the 15mm actuator).
A: The maximum insertion for the 420mm seat tube length is 280mm but there is more room and this is only the cylindrical area so yes the One Up V2 210 will fit in completely.

Q: Are there any brakes that wont fit into the rear triangle of the Kavenz VHP 16/18 V5?
A: Shimano Saint, Deore XT M8020, Hope V4 and Formula Cura Brakes are not recommended for the Kavenz VHP16/18 V5 the V6 is cleared for all brake models.